3 ways to recover from google core update impact, (May 2022)

If your site has faced a sudden drop in ranking or lose traffic in the last days of MAY 2022. Then this blog post is for you to recover from the negative impact on your site. But in case you don’t know much about the Google core updates, let’s have a look at what is Google core update.

What is a Google core update?

A core update by Google is an algorithmic update that Google makes to its ranking criteria and mechanism. These core updates bring different advancements to the Google indexing criteria and Google’s approach to valuing or devaluing the web pages. These updates usually occur twice or thrice a year. Core updates can impact your site positively by ranking it higher on searches or even can impact your site negatively by lowering your site rank.

Overall, the major reason behind a core update is to enhance search relevance and to update Google’s algorithm to work more efficiently.

With the passage of time and the increase in internet usage. There are new tricks and short-cut that many so-called content creators adopt to rank their site. These tricks sometimes can cheat Google Algorithm and help the low-quality rank higher in search.

Therefore, Google timely updates its core and enhances its indexing and ranking algorithm.

Some of the famous Google Core Updates in the past are as follows:

1. Pigeon

2. Penguin

3. Panda

4. Possum


6. Rankbrain

7. Medic

8. Mobilegeddon

9. Fred

10. Hummingbird

11. Freshness

Google Core Update announcement

Google announces all the core updates on the official site: search console. About when these updates were initiated and when they will be completed. A user can get updated information directly from the site

How to know your site is impacted by core updates??

There is no official tool to do that, but you can easily know that has your site been impacted negatively or not???. You can check Google Analytics for this purpose, You can also analyze whether your high-ranking pages are still ranking in the same position or not. You can also check the traffic growth when the core update was launched. If there is a sudden loss of traffic, then it is a clear indication that your site has been impacted by the core update.

The recent May Update

Google’s recent core update was in May 2022. After this core update, many site owners pointed out that there is a sudden drop in their traffic at the end of May 2022. This was confirmed by Danny Sullivan (Google’s Public Liaison for Search).

“Core updates are changes we make to improve Search overall and keep pace with the changing nature of the web. While nothing is a core update specific to any particular site, these updates may produce some noticeable changes to how sites perform…”

According to the official update from Google Search Console. This core update will take 1–2 weeks to complete. The announcement for completion will be updated from the Google Search Console.

What niches are impacted?

This May core update was more impacting than the last November 2021 core update. A comparison of the impact on the ranking of the site in different niches has been conducted by Semrush.

The comparison is given in the infographics below:

3 ways to recover from core update May.

Google doesn’t say that updates directly hit the sites. But these updates overall enhance the search relevance and ranking algorithm of Google. Therefore site, which is positively impacted and gains a higher rank indicates that they offer good quality content. On the other hand, if there is a sudden drop in the ranking of your site, there might be a direct or indirect violation of Webmaster Guidelines.

Many SEO experts and even Google itself say that deeply affected sites cannot recover until the new update arrives. But this is not a complete story. You can still recover from this by just following the 3 main ways. Recovery is not guaranteed but can be expected if you follow these methods carefully.

Write High-Quality Content

High-quality content doesn’t mean content full of words or content with a blend of information. High-quality content means the content which delivers the complete answers to the search intent of the users. Don’t waste your time on writing length or 2000, 3000-word content if you cannot address the issue completely with focus. Although, well-written lengthy content can outrank your competitor. But the important thing is the user intent. Today, the internet is full of information, people don’t have enough time to read long paragraphs or waste time scrolling the entire page just to get their “two lines of the answer”.So make sure the relevance and order of your information writing in a blog post. It will signal a good sign to the Google algorithm and your blog post will go higher instantly.

Enhance your site E-A-T

The term E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. It is the standard used Google algorithm that differentiates the good content and the better content that can be trusted and has some authority. For new bloggers, it is a thing that cannot be achieved easily or instantly. But by providing content that is fresh and shareable. You will get hundreds of backlinks and definitely, your site will come into the E-A-T family.

You can also increase your site E-A-T by following the steps given below:

1. Provide sources and credit for the content you provide

2. Don’t use copyrighted work

3. Timely update new content

4. Increase user experience of your site

5. Fulfill the search intent of the user in your niche.

6. Follow good website practices.

Delete violating content.

Sometimes your site content may indirectly or unknowingly violate the Webmaster Guidelines Therefore, the Google algorithm penalizes such content. So if you want to regain your ranking after such a penalty makes sure to delete the content that violates the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Google algorithm is very strong to detect and penalize the violating content. So, make sure all URLs of your site have some quality content that is useful and non-violating.

Increasing the quality content on your site will automatically help you rank better even if a core update hit you negatively.

Always remember, search engine Updates demand more quality content, nothing else.


In this blog post, you have read about the possible impacts of Google Core updates. Updates don’t need to always leave a negative impact on your site. Sometimes, an update gives more value to the content and gives higher ranks to the sites which were not performing well despite quality content.

So, don’t worry about the updates, and keep providing good quality content through your blogs.

Let us know in the comment section what is the impact of the core update(May 2022) on your site??



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